My 2nd Anniversary in Keane

Exactly 2 years have been passed. The day I landed in Bangalore majestic. Without knowing the language I managed to reach my friend's room. I was so excited and puzzled. I was in anxious whether I will be in good technology stream and a good city to live.

Now I have got Bangalore and soa domain to work. We are always in a hurry to live this so called 'life'. Never realising the value of it. I should say a very big thanks for this. It is a blessing. But is it enough?

NO.. still there are many things to do. Let see how I am going to strive in 2012.

Above is the picture of our training batch. Out of 16, only 7 heads are still in keane.

I will update you on the same day next year. :-)

love you all


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