How does love work in this Planet?

Recent studies say Indians are happiest people in this world. The relationship is the top reason for the happiness of Indians. The ultimate business of all the human beings in this world is Well being. Keeping a good relationship with others and self is key to being a good being.
The relationship is a too vague topic for everyone. Without this, there is nothing in this world. The moment we born in this world we are bound to have relationships. For this relationship to grow and give the fruit, Love is the root. When we do everything with love, there is nothing in this world which stops you.
If you see the fundas of this planet, you would be amazed to know how love works here.
What I am calling as love is without expecting anything in return just give yourself 100%. Simple tree in your street (which is most neglected) expects nothing but simply be there and does an amazing job.
Does it expect anything from you? No..
There is one more friend who is the most important person for every single creature in this world. The sun. Does the Sun expect you to do anything? No.. Simply it does its job picture perfect every day even no one in this planet obeys him. Without him, nothing would work in this world. No stock market. No Bollywood. No kolaveri di. He is right top on us and simply he is there without expecting anything. Of course, he is in love with this planet.
A Flower in a garden is not trying to impress anyone by showing it flashy petals. Their own nature is that. Even though it has thrown, everyone likes it. Likewise, even though you have some limitation when your true nature turns out to be love everyone would like you.
Everyone on this planet likes to be loved. When love blossoms within you, hell is a heaven. You don't have to invent something new to this world. Just do whatever your profession with love, happiness would chase in your life.
With love, all relationships would get aligned to itself beautifully in your life.
You made me
You make me
You make me zero and taste the infinite
I am longing to become you
With you, I am all yours
With you, I am always at heaven
Come with me to my end


  1. Dinesh ... this piece of work about Love is stunning and the paragon of the sun's love with the Mother Earth is the crowning touch..


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