Back Home at Leeds

Having traveled for several days altogether coming back to home is like finishing the last lap and taking the podium. Standing on the podium without the race is meaningless.
On Oct 29th, I started from Leeds and reached Wembley. From Wembley, toured to Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and France. On Oct 7th, back to London finished the European tour. However, my personal adventure continued further to Hatfield as I had asked to move there right from the tour on next day. With the same Euro trip luggage been through the ups and downs of London underground station and found my way to Hatfield at the Odd midnight hours. Again luxury stays at the hotel as in the Euro trip, but I didn't enjoy much as I had to be alone in the hotel room. I did 101 ways to kill the time in the hotel room all alone without the internet and with boring documentary channels. I started my day with proper English breakfast to keep myself energetic without any other food. Ate a lot of breakfast to sustain the whole day with minimum fruit and snacks break in between. Things are completely reverse here in Hatfield as it is very close to London and quite expensive also. Been through the unique experience which I hadn't been before with new way of doing things. People in Hatfield have extremely high professionalism and etiquette both in the workplace and another environment.
I met a lot of new people during the travel and got to learn many things from them. I boarded Leeds bound National Express coach yesterday at London Victoria. I happened to sit with a Tamilian co-passenger who has studied and currently working here. It is interesting to see the way in which University works in the UK. Hard to digest some of the shocking things as they are straight opposite to our culture and tradition. From somebody's experience, we are taking some value out of it. It happens everywhere but hardly recognise it and appreciate it. Thanks to Bala for that. Need to know what is the interesting learning which I have got. 'never believe w.w.w in UK'  It is not world wide web.
W- Work
W- Women
Sounds great. :-)

To see the Saxton(Leeds Apartment) again, for me, it looked like a podium. Slept well in my room as if hadn't slept for many years.  A lot of Todo things are cooking up in my mind to wrap up my stay in Leeds and going to Bristol tomorrow.
Enjoying the Home setup for a while.


  1. So nice to see you going places .. Literally and figuratively .. Never take your inclination off travel .. Unlike me you seem to be lucky in this one aspect :) (I am green with envy now ! )

    Needless to say that am glad you are writing ..

  2. Great words. It will make me to go another lap.:-)

  3. And I ll be there to see you win the race too :)


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