Writing is an expression!

It is a long due for a post here. I pondered to me, why do I have to write?  When I start writing a post, I didn't know what and how I am going to take the post forward. But I have the nerve to start writing the first line. Then on, words and lines have to flow out of me.

Writing is a beautiful expression of oneself. When I reflect on my writings in the blog, I see all my recollections, feats and nonsense :) living in front of eyes glowingly.

In writing, I see the life's journey from where I was to where I am. When I was some kid in small town in south India, I fantasize future as a sci-fi one where flying cars and bullet trains. Now, when I see my reality definitely we have travelled so far but we are not yet there.

This reality is not fundamentally different from where I was. it doesn't mean my world doesn't change. I have seen some magnificent peaks, picturesque landscapes, engineering wonders and living in world's most visited city. But fundamental aspect of wh…

Happy Birthday to you!

The man who has made my life better
The man who hasn't given up on me
The man who gave me chances
The man who awakened me

The man whom I am afraid of
The man whom I am living for
The man whom I am worshipping
The man whom I keep above me

If I didn't say thank you
If I didn't bow to you
If I didn't fill myself with gratitude
I am not a man

All these things you didn't expect
Thank you for what you have given

Your love, I am drenched in it
Your grace. I am touched by it

At last,
Happy birthday Sadhguru!

IoT London Roadshow event


I have been thinking to put a post on experience in attending the London Intel IOT roadshow event which happened on May 14th and 15th 2016. So here it is.

Srikar and I participated in it. it is a two-day event which started with the challenge of creating an application based on Intel Edison board. We created a machine monitoring application using Edison. 

In short, This application will let you understand what your machine are doing, 
 when they are working, 
 when they aren't and why they aren't. 
This application gives you the data to take control of your production and maximise productivity.

It just supports both old machines and new machines without adding a lot of money to monitoring the machine.

We did manage to develop the prototype and made it work before the hackathon deadline. Indeed, we were excited to see the business value of seeing the productivity in the real-time. 

Here comes the interesting part. We did manage to complete the prototype. However, we didn't pr…
IOT Tech ExpoI had been to the Internet of Things expo which happened in Olympia tech park on Feb 10th and 11th. Intel is the main sponsor for the event. It hosted several different IOT providers from the Europe. It had been a fantastic 2 day event for me personally.Hackathon As a part of the event, they conducted the hackathon from Intel and Microtech. Challenge is to develop a IOT gateway application from Intel and to develop an application using the Microtech link it board from Microtech. Both these streams offered board and Grove kit to work on. Provided grove kit offered a variety of sensors ranging from Light, temperature, vibration, dust and many more. Here are my Hackaton team members.  We did an intruder alert system which listens to the sound vibration ,raises the alarm and pushes the notification to the homeowner. We also developed the Stealth monitoring application which plots the graph of light, temperature and sound indicators in the cloud using the Intel’s cloud platform…

Amazon AWS fundamentals

I will be sharing the basic concepts around Amazon web service. I believe this will be helpful for the new users who are usually overwhelmed by the array of service choices offered in AWS. We are discussing basic understanding in AWS. Detailed information can be found on their help content.
Storage: EBS ( Elastic Block Storage): Disks used for Virtual machines in the AWS cloud. Typical servers has computing power, storage and RAM.
However, in AWS compute and storage are separate.
We need to connect EBS(Storage) to EC2(Compute). We may have many EBS storage in your AWS account. Only, when you connect your EBS to the running instance makes a proper virtual machine.
Disk Performance: Another key concept in AWS storage is performance of a disk. It is measured in Input Output per second (IOPS)
There are three types of EBS:
General purpose SSD ( 3 IOPS;)Provisioned IOPS ( 40 to 200 IOPS)Magnetic (4000 IOPS) A database or high performance required application has to be hosted in Magnetic E…

Hello 2016

Best and exciting year has started. I am not sure what is there for me in the store. I am quite excited and delighted to be in this 2016.
I have become more focussed these days which has been always my most wanted thing. Both professionally and personally, I can say that I have become bit more intense and vibrant.
So here is my resolutions and areas where I am going to work on
YogaYoga has been my top focus. This gave me a lot of invaluable virtues in my life. Going to do yoga all 365 days. I am not sure where the life leads me but I am going to take yoga with me everywhere .
TechnologyThese days I am wondering about a lot of basics stuff and this leads to deep thoughts and perception about the fundamentals of computer science. Some time back, I was writing my name in binary just to visualise how data is stored in a computer. So, I am going to deepen my understanding of computer science.
HealthI am going to eat healthy food. Also, I am going to run and cycle a lot in this year. Luckily, I…

Euro Trip 2012!

Having come back from the Euro trip, I wrote memories email to all our fellow tour mates. Today I happened to read that and I felt I should put this in the blog. :-)


Finally, I pushed myself to write tour experience. Here we go.
@Dinshaw: We had great trip only because of a cool tour manager. Your musical and instrumental skills added the entertainment quotient to the whole 9 days. Thanks for your entertainment and having your coolness at all the time in organizing it.
@Venu @Naveen: (Part of Mafia's) Such a nice friends to have. Even on the first day of tour we have become so much mingled and lost our differences. The fun we had when taking pictures and Sane Paris Cruise were cherished.
@Vishruth(Action hero), @Joe (Cute Romantic Hero) : Only these two guys made the tour more alive. For me, Vishruth's everyday T-shirt stories were entertaining to listen. 
@Both young ladies from the US: They are absolutely funny young ladies who made …