Save the children

Today, I have set the monthly donation to the 'Save the Children'. This organization is doing a trustworthy job in addressing all the child-related social issues across the World. They are transparent in their financial operations and charitable activities. Okay. What did make me donate here? All because of this video.

It is so disturbing to see a child in hunger when the World has enough food to feed everyone. Those children haven't done any wrong in their lives. We know in recent years how many necessary commodities have seen a steep price increase. It is too difficult for the poor section of the society to manage their 3 meals a day. In these circumstances, when a child born in those families suffer from Malnutrition.
A Child suffering from Malnutrition is very vulnerable to lead its healthy life in whole birth. It is equivalent to give a life sentence to a child for the crime to born in this world. Support for a child is a must when a child does not know what is this all about.
Let us create a peaceful world where everyone should enjoy their presence in this World. For this to create, actions are required to make this happen. I have done my bit.
My appeal to everyone who reads this. There is a way to create the World where children are happy, healthy and great. Believe it, this is happening. The idea of putting this here is to spread this word. If someone donates after seeing this, I would be very happy.


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