Hey, you Switzerland !

Hey, you beauty!
Hey, you Switzerland!
Pity SLR cameras can't capture
Your beauty in fullest vibrancy.
This land has been crafted by its creator
Swiss people are in the lap of creator's beauty.
7.00 AM checked out from Ramada hotel at Engelburg near the foothills of Titlis mountain.
Reached Titlis mountain's base station and waited for the go signal from our tour guide. As he explained about the snow, I was skeptic about it. Unless you see something, you can't believe. Having seen many songs shot in snows and heard stories about it, I had not experienced the snow all my life. When I see the snow for the first time in my life, it was an awesome moment and double checked with me whether it is a dream or not.Things can only be experienced with life. In the same way, it was a life rich experience to see the heaven. (Yes, it is heaven without Shiva and Parvathi.)

We got enough time to spend time over there on top. Obviously, floods of photo clicked with different genre ranging from solo, group, with shades, on air, snow sparkle, off the shirt, crazy pose, and handsome profile pictures. Many couples took more romantic pictures of their lives as they knew it was their epic one. Some elderly people also have come to mark their completeness in their lives. Now, they have a life full of experience with a glimpse of heaven too before they actually go there. I questioned to myself what made me come here in my early ages. No answers. For sure, it has inspired me to live more and do more.
5.00 PM, We have crossed Swiss border and entered into Italy. Crossing the border and entering a new country is a sensational one.
Italy. People say India and Italy have a lot more things in common. Of course, not many but there are few little and big things. Let us see what land of Ferrari is going to inspire me in coming days.
8.00 PM: Having done the long boredom coach journey, reached Sherton hotel  Padova, Italy. Rich business class hotel indeed. King size life and extraordinary luxury things. This is the moment which can't happen frequently in our lives again.
Tomorrow going to Venice. Zzzzzzzzzzz can't hold my nerves.


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