Venice, City of Waters

Been to Venice today(Oct 3rd, 2012). Much talked cities in the World. Not only in modern times but also in histories. It has been described as the "Drawing room of Europe". City's architectural beauty can only be experienced with our eyes and senses. The atmosphere out there is an absolute celebration of arts and architecture work. Many tourists from across the world have come to experience this historic place.(funny fact is most of the tourists are Asians). Their stunning artwork and splendid buildings make this place a hugely important place in the mankind.

In my personal book, I write Venice as a small pretty island with absolutely delicate artwork and historic place. This place where Galileo, Napolean, and other historically significant people had been and spent their influential days here. This place is the fine example for craftsmanship and artistic ability of Europeans, especially Romans.
A city in water? What a weird idea? I have never imagined a city in waters.This has been a normal life in Venice and it is an expensive city to visit. Been around the city in Gandole service(which takes us in the boat through narrow tunnels of Venice with their traditional style). The journey is overwhelming and truly unique experience in all good sense. Been to the Murano glass manufacturing place and seen the live demonstration of Glass making and science behind it.
Long drive from Venice to Rome. Almost 7 hours drive with in between breaks and fantastic Indian food. I can't say how much we appreciated the perfect 10/10 Indian food at Italy. Got to try the true Italian dishes tomorrow. Settled in Triangoli Hotel for next two days in Rome, Italy.
Italy, It is dry & hot. It is very different from rest of the European countries where I have visited in last few days. Cant live without A/C as summer in India.
Tomorrow going to Vatican City. Ending with this post with a saying
"Be a Roman when you are in Rome"  .Got to be as Roman for next 2 days :-)


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