Row your life !!!

Yesterday, I was at Gym after 3 days of break. Having done my thread mill, I came to Rowing machine. For me, this is the perfect machine which tests your stamina (My favourite too). For the first time, I thought of testing my stamina and keep track of personal best in meters covered. It wasn't a bad idea to check my endurance and stamina level. I began slowly and selected 30 minutes workout level. Thinking to do something like this requires no skills and focus. However, to complete this you need to be focussed at least for next 30 Minutes. There were millions of thoughts and ideas about everything in my mind. Then I committed not to focus on anything other than my rowing for next half an hour.

With my music on, there was no challenge till I complete my 20 minutes. The last 10 minutes tested all my motivation and true commitment to complete it. Pain in muscle and sweat were started to aggravate when I crossed 23rd minute. I closed my eyes and focussed only on the remaining minutes and rowing. It was truly a testing moment of mine which can be remembered at any point in time. Finally, I made it. In 30 minutes I have covered 5271 meters in distance. I noted down this as my personal best. There is always a next day and next personal best. Let me try my next personal best. 'Focus is everything in your life' - the lesson I learnt. With focus, you can row better in your life.


  1. Just an update to this post.I have set my personal best. 5970 meters in 30 minutes. (it's my best)


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