English Channel, A whole new experience!

Excitement and amusement ran high, as we passed through the English channel via Euro tunnel. A tunnel to European countries from the United Kingdom and it is known for its Engineering marvellous. It is a tremendous example of what man can create to make this planet as their owns. They have dug the tunnel under the sea. To some extent, this can be accepted as a mediocre effort.  Beauty comes when you see a coach(bus) travels inside a train. (Sounds crazy idea. Seen and experienced this). This is a fabulous engineering world wonder. To execute this kind of an engineering project, a country needs a plenty of visionary engineers and highly skilled resources. This project works in a precise way without any turbulence to its commuters. Admiration started to build towards these European countries, as this is my first day of 9 days Euro trip. Finally, we reached the other side in just 35 minutes. (Swimming would take many days :-) )
Then, we headed towards Belgium. Though we haven't known much about when did the coach crossed from France to Belgium. Having taken in between short breaks, we reached Brussels Atomium center. Built in 1958 for the trade conference, It is modern symbol of Brussels. ~150 billion times enlarged structure of an atom. It was nice to take a break at Brussels, after a boredom long journey.
Weather is so nice here (unlike the UK raining much). Started to take some nice pictures while on the travel. Frankly got tired, as all the places seem to be like wallpaper. How many times will you click the best wallpapers everywhere? Now, going to hotel for an early rest 6.30pm. Tomorrow, we will be going to Germany and Switzerland. Lot more excitement and sensational feeling. Signing off Dinesh.


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