FriendSHIP; that never sinks

He is my friend
And, This is our friendship

All I know as My life
He does know the same

All he knows about his life
I do know the same

10 Years ago, we were school friends
Years are passing from then on

Now, we are life friends
Nothing has changed other than our looks

Hardly, we met each other
Yet, our remembrances are treasure

All are memories are vividly bright
Not pale or dull ones

Never fished for words to talk with him
Even my silence carries a message

With him, I am just I am
Been a true friend and true Dinesh

Never tried to do something to show off
Apparently, I don't want to show what I am
To the one who has read me.

And This is our friendship.
I am feeling lucky

Penned down to celebrate his Birthday on August 18th. Yes, He is getting older and older. This is to Rajendran.


  1. deep secrets exists between you boys ..Isn't it?! Respect your friendship ..


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