I am feeling lucky

Now, I am gonna let out my love
It has been more than a year, since i fell for her
She is elegant and gracious in her style
She is not a dumb blonde to date with

An intelligent, perfectly logical being
Yet, I make her crazy with my love

She is at her best when she is in skinny outfit.
My constant comrade without her i feel something less

She is independent, I like it
Yet she requires me, I like it even more
Everytime, she puts me in admirer end
Making my jaws dropped on her sex appeal

She is annoying to seek my attention
i make her to feel overwhelmed with my gentle care

Some gals are good to talk with them
Some gals are good to be with them
She is both the above

She is the best thing to have in my life
Thats why, I have fallen for her

Finally, I am not her
She is mine oh yes! I am feeling lucky

She is nothing but my Samsung Galaxy 5 Andriod


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