Life thrills

When we were a young small boy, we heard from our moms that we should eat more to become big men. When we are grown up men, World wants us to get married.
Having got married, without a baby is a sin in our 1 billion plus country. So we would 've baby sorry babies. Then telling them stories, getting KG seat in a proclaimed institution, making them study and finally getting them married are just parental duties. Seriously life is so fast.
Please apply some break on your fast phase life. It's pretty much good to be as you are right NOW.
Being bachelor is the most incredible days for me. I hardly know how long it is going to taste as sweet. Life thrills only when you go sensible. If you go fast by looking someone in the lane, every day you got to struggle. Imitations won't work.
I repeat life thrills only if you go sensible.


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