Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fancies of 2012

In many ways, the year 2012 is the most exciting year in all my life(believe me). The year in which I have seen the fabulous and historic places around the World which I have never dreamt in wildest of wild dreams. The most successful year is going to end in style. Let me reflect and see what is profound and memorable incidents which I have seen in this fantastic year 2012.

Jan 1st : I remember sending Rajesh Kannan to Ireland and I was there in Bangalore International Airport at 12.00 AM celebrating the New Year. I wished to many people and I got return many New year wishes back. Now, It seems that as I have celebrated the new year at Airport, I have seen so many countries in 2012(May be Sentiment or mere coincidence).  I clearly had so much hope in my heart to fly in 2012 year. It happened very well in style.
Jan 6th: Celebrated the 2nd year anniversary in the NTTDATA. This day we came together, we asked ourselves "How fast  did the years go?"
Feb: Went to Team outing at Kodachadri and Murudeshwara. Prepared a two-minute video clip of all the 35+ team members with Ela and Rayees as a sleepless night out before the trip. Memorable trip.
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March: Attended the Silence program in Isha yoga. With all the rigorous 2 months Sadhana, attended the wholeheartedly. I was much slim in those days with the moustache. Sure it was a different look altogether when compared to now.

April and May: It was challenging work in the office. Every day was filled with the hopes and anticipation about the UK travel.
June: After much wait, raised for the VISA and prepared me for the travel. Completed my family function in a hurry.
July 7th: Boarded flight from Bangalore and landed at Manchester with excitement. The experience of being in other country overwhelmed me in all aspects right from the culture to people. I was astonished to see how Britain works. I am a fan of organised approach and orderliness so liked the Britain. Even here, I don't feel whatever they are doing is right but I like the engineering which has been made right from Tube station.
August: Seen the Olympic football games at Cardiff.
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August: Lake District Trip: Again this is very special and close to heart, as I have driven the car on the trip. A first time, on my own taking a hired car driving on the roads of Britain. We have finished this trip without any tickets. Thrilled to kept the car without going backwards on a narrow sloppy UK's dangerous roads with constant opposite traffic. It was really thrilling and fun to drive the car on curvy roads and in Motorways.
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October: Greatest tour of my life. Euro trip. 9 days of a lifetime experience. Right from Swiss mountains to Eiffel tower of Paris.
November: Moved to Bristol. Ordered my mac book pro 13 inches. My best possession and incredibly awesome machine. I am loving it every day. It is a love affair with MacBook.
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December: Wrapped up the year 2012 and welcoming the new year at London. Welcome, 2013. Best is yet to come.

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